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Instagram is a social networking app. It is used by millions of people on regular basis. People use it for clicking photos, creating videos by using different effects and uploading it for making money. People show their talents and skills on the instagram. It is a source of online learning and shopping as well as business also. On Instagram people can make communicate with their friends and relatives. They can get in touch with their friends by using this platform. Apart from this, it is very helpful for people in order to remain up to date. It is very helpful for those people who are unemployed as there are many  daily job update pages available on Instagram. Therefore, they can find jobs according to their field and preference also. It is also a source of entertainment for people to spend their free time. Instagram has many hidden features like people can hide the active status of their profile, also they can choose some friends to share their stories and hide it from others. Instagram has many other features which make Instagram more useful for the public.

Features of Instagram:

Story: Instagram story is the common feature where people can share their images and videos by adding songs and other effects to make the story attractive. Story is visible on profile for 24 hours and after this time it disappears. But people can see the viewers who are watching their story.

Highlights: Highlights is the key feature of Instagram . It is visible for unlimited time unless the story is deleted by people. People can create highlights from the archived stories or they can create new story highlights. Apart from that people can create highlight covers according to their story by using images, texts, graphics and quotes also which makes the highlight more attractive. Sometimes people click on others’ highlights through which the owner of the highlight can be notified. So, it is better to view the highlights with InstaZoom (https://instazoom.cc/en/highlights.php).

Reels: Reels are also a part of Instagram. In reels, people create photos and short videos by adding effects and songs and uploading it on Instagram that is called reels. People can use the IGTV feature from Instagram in order to make eye-catching videos. 

Posts: People create videos and images on instagram and upload it publically. People can create quotes on instagram and post it on instagram.

Voice and video call: Instagram is a source of communication. It helps the people to get connected with their friends and family also. People can use online chatting and voice and video calls which make it easier to stay connected.

Filters and editing: Instagram has many options for individuals. People can take photos on instagram with the help of different types of filters and also edit their videos according to their choice. They can use funny characters to click photographs and make videos.

Manage multiple accounts: On instagram people can manage one to more accounts. They just hold the account option and choose the other account and open another account.

Instagram search history: To clear the Instagram history people just go to the profile and choose “your activity” and “searches” and delete to it.

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